Text Survey Upload Guide

Send survey to 314-266-1620

Your text message should follow this format: "b 1 a 10", where "b 1" measures your before exercise sentiment and "a 10" is your after exercise sentiment.

Remember to attach a picture.

Don't worry about sending multiple texts. Consecutive messages will update your daily report. This is equivalent to re-submitting the survey online.

Recommended Workflow

  1. Type your initial sentiment on a scale of 1-10. For example, "b 4"
  2. Enjoy performing the activity for 2 minutes. I usually set an alarm, but feel free to measure success however you want.
  3. Immediately following the exercise, snap a selfie to prove you made it happen today!
  4. Add your after sentiment. EX: "b 4 a 8"

Pro Tips

The keywords "b" and "a" take time to get used to. Just think "b" = "before" and "a" = "after".

Because, hAppenStance is fairly intelligent. You can even write, "This was an amazing exercise. My survey results are before 6 and after 9"

Just have fun playing around with it. It's highly unlikely that you will break anything.